what would you like to know about mesh?

Mesh will provide the ideal solution for all your graphic requirements by encompassing large format digital printing, screen printing and signage. Our continual investment in cutting edge technology combined with many years of experience ensures quality, competitiveness and efficiency resulting simply in satisfied clients.

Mesh Limited is a solution provider to the Communications and Advertising industry and has been doing so for over twenty years.

Specialising in Point of Purchase and Graphic solutions we work from two production facilities incorporating a veritable smorgasbord of ‘state of the art’ printing equipment and technology.

‘Point of Purchase’ (POP) is a vital part of any retail communication strategy. It could therefore be redefined, in essence, as the ‘Point of Persuasion’.

The objective of POP is to provoke an emotional and physical response in the consumer. POP is about persuasion, persuading the consumer to make a purchase.

At Mesh, we are continually testing and pushing boundaries of printing techniques and introducing them into POP and Graphic applications to create innovative solutions whilst maximising impact. Through this process we are able to offer exciting, effective and above all persuasive communications.